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New Releases for May 8th, 2007.

Music and Lyrics Has-been and former 1980s pop star Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) gets the comeback chance of a lifetime thanks to quirky lyricist Sophie (Drew Barrymore) in this romantic comedy. When teen singing sensation Cora Corman asks Alex to write a song and record the duet with her, Alex can't refuse -- but he also can't write lyrics. Alex's luck changes when he meets Sophie, and when the two sit down to write, the chemistry turns solid gold.

Because I Said So In an effort to prevent family history from repeating itself, meddlesome mom Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) attempts to set up her youngest daughter, Milly (Mandy Moore), with Mr. Right. Meanwhile, Daphne's other daughters, Maggie (Lauren Graham) and Mae (Piper Perabo), try to keep their mother's good intentions under control. Tom Everett Scott, Colin Ferguson and Gabriel Macht also star director Michael Lehmann's engaging romantic comedy.

Catch and Release Susannah Grant (who wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay for Erin Brockovich) takes her first stab at feature film directing with this emotional drama that follows the rebirth of a young widow (Jennifer Garner) after her husband's tragic death. On her painful journey toward healing, she uncovers hidden secrets that make her feel as if she's mourning a stranger. Juliette Lewis and Kevin Smith (the quiet half of the Jay and Silent Bob duo) co-star.

Deliver Us from Evil This unsettling Oscar-nominated documentary from filmmaker Amy Berg investigates the life of 30-year pedophile Father Oliver O'Grady and exposes the corruption inside the Catholic Church that allowed him to abuse countless children. A mix of victim stories and a disturbing interview with O'Grady provides a view into the troubled mind of the spiritual leader who moved from parish to parish gaining the trust of congregations ... all the while betraying so many.

The Painted Veil Shunned by a husband (Edward Norton) who's more interested in his research, the simpleminded Kitty Fane (Naomi Watts) embarks on a quest for life fulfillment. Along the way, she ignites a passionate affair with a dashing womanizer (Liev Schreiber) and travels with her husband to the Far East, where she turns her attention to fighting the cholera epidemic. Diana Rigg co-stars in this period drama based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham.

Breaking and Entering Anthony Minghella (Cold Mountain, The English Patient) directs this thinking-person's drama, weighing the difference between emotional and physical robbery. When his London office is burglarized by a young Muslim thief, an affluent architect (Jude Law) is forced to rethink his priorities and re-evaluate his life. The sterling cast includes Juliette Binoche, Robin Wright Penn, Ray Winstone and Martin Freeman ("The Office").

Fur Nicole Kidman stars as controversial photographer Diane Arbus, an acclaimed artist who took her own life in 1971, in this provocative biopic. Known for her bizarre and often disturbing black-and-white images that captured both the mundane and the unusual with a dreamlike clarity, she became the first American photographer to have her work exhibited at the Venice Biennale -- but not until after her death.

The Tiger and the Snow Borrowing a bit from the plot of his Oscar-winning film Life Is Beautiful, Italian actor-director Roberto Benigni plays a romantic poet who vows to follow his love (Benigni's real-life wife, Nicoletta Braschi) to the ends of the earth -- even if that means going to Iraq at the dawn of the American invasion. Skirting political bias, Benigni's whimsical comedy presents a world in which all camps are absurd. French actor Jean Reno co-stars.

The 4400: Season 3 Ever since a mass of some 4,400 missing people who had been presumed dead collectively returned to Earth in a blinding flash of light, strange things have been happening to them and those around them. In the third season of this USA sci-fi drama, Lily (Laura Allen) inexplicably transforms into a 75-year-old woman while her infant daughter, Isabelle, suddenly becomes a young adult (played by Megalyn Echikunwoke).

The Secret Life of Words After surviving the war in Yugoslavia, taciturn nurse Hanna (Sarah Polley) heads to Ireland for some rest and relaxation. But when she hears about an oil-rig accident off the coast, she agrees to tend heroic burn victim Josef (Tim Robbins). Personalities clash aboard the derrick as Hanna contends with Josef, a Russian soldier (Sverre Anker Ousdal), a lively Spanish chef (Javier Cámara) and other oddballs in this compelling character study.

Champion It probably wouldn't surprise you to learn that Danny Trejo (a tattooed character actor featured in such films as Desperado, Con Air and From Dusk Till Dawn) has a checkered past. But this gripping documentary (featuring Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Steve Buscemi and Antonio Banderas) reveals a lot of things you wouldn't expect, including Trejo's troubled childhood, his brush with armed robbery and his ultimate triumph in turning his life around.

Deepak Chopra: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Spiritual author and speaker Deepak Chopra shares his insights on creating success and abundance in this inspiring testimonial based on his best-selling book and featuring new music from Olivia Newton-John. Personal stories of challenge and triumph from Newton-John and actor-director Bill Duke punctuate Chopra's teachings of his seven edicts for those wanting to experience life to its fullest potential.

You and Your Stupid Mate Upon hearing that their favorite soap opera, "Sons of Surf," is about to be cancelled, suburban trailer park slackers Philip (Nathan Phillips) and Jeffrey (Angus Sampson) launch a misadventure of ridiculous proportions to save the show from extinction. But their heroics might stem from their real motivation: the chance to meet the soap's curvaceous star (Rachel Hunter), a woman they've fantasized about ever since puberty.

That '70s Show: Season 6 In the sixth season of this hit nostalgia sitcom, Eric (Topher Grace) watches as his high school sweetheart, Donna (Laura Prepon), leaves Point Place to attend college in Madison. Meanwhile, Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) and Laurie (Christina Moore) begin testing the boundaries of their fledgling marriage, and Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) starts training to become a cop. Guest stars include Shannon Elizabeth, Brooke Shields, Seth Green and Luke Wilson.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe: Vol. 3 The giant robot warrior Voltron is back for more sci-fi adventure in this new collection of animated episodes. The defenders of good -- Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Princess Allura --continue to battle their formidable foes, including the evil King Zarkon and dastardly Prince Lotor. As the action unfolds, Voltron and the gang must rescue a captured princess from the villians' clutches. Fortunately, a former ally, Sven, is on hand to help.

Comedy of Power So relentless she's nicknamed "the Piranha," Judge Jeanne Charmant-Killman (Isabelle Huppert) digs deep when she uncovers corporate malfeasance. But her pursuit of an embezzling CEO points her investigation to the highest levels of government -- and puts her life in danger. Directed by renowned filmmaker Claude Chabrol, this suspenseful thriller was inspired by a French corruption scandal known as the Elf Affair.

Linda Linda Linda It's three days before the big school talent show and Kyoto, Kei and Nozumi are in a fix when their lead singer quits over artistic differences. Their only candidate to fill the spot is a Korean foreign exchange student who can barely speak any Japanese. Time for some all-night rehearsals! Directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita and featuring a score by former Smashing Pumpkins member James Iha, this lighthearted comedy stars Du-na Bae and Yu Kashii.

Rain Rain (Brooklyn Sudano), a young black musical prodigy, finds trouble and heartbreak when she witnesses her sister's murder by gangbangers. In order to protect her daughter, Rain's mother secretly contacts Rain's biological mother, and Rain learns the truth of her parentage: She is the daughter of a white socialite. Sent to live with her wealthy grandmother (Faye Dunaway), Rain adjusts to boarding school life, where her musical talents flourish.

Celebration of Gospel: Taking You Higher BET's star-studded celebration of gospel features a wealth of inspiring performances by some of the biggest names in music, including Grammy winners Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Dr. Bobby Jones, Pastor Shirley Caesar of the Mount Calvary Word of Faith Holy Church and many more. This program also includes never-before-aired bonus performances, a behind-the-scenes featurette and a tribute to writer-director Tyler Perry.

Section 8 Adapted from Anthony Winters's hit play, this sidesplitting urban comedy follows the struggles of an inner-city family living in a tiny low-income apartment. When college student Andre (Akeem Smith) returns to the cramped quarters of his deadbeat dad's (Winters) overstuffed apartment, hilarity ensues. Directed by Carl Gilliard, the colorful cast of this comical gem includes Veronica Thompson, Darius Dudley and Trisha Mann.

El Calentito When all-female punk band Las Sioux loses a member, they persuade virginal young Sara (Verónica Sánchez) to join them as they play at rowdy underground nightclub El Calentito. Soon, the music leads Sara into a debauched world of sex, anarchy and uninhibited revelry. Set during the period of Spain's shaky move toward democracy in the early 1980s, this raucous musical comedy co-stars Ruth Díaz and Macarena Gómez as the other band members.

Lord Help Us When a recently widowed Baptist preacher (Bill Toliver) loses the respect of his congregation over rumors of his impending marriage to a woman 45 years younger, best friends Kayla (Nadia Turner, "American Idol") and Jewels (Joe Clair, BET's "Rap City") hatch a plan to help him regain his flock. Director Shavar Ross leads an impressive cast in this comedy of faith and family, including Omar Gooding, Debra Wilson, Amentha Dymally and Al Jarreau.

Things to Do Office drone Adam (Michael Stasko) quits his job and flees to the calm retreat of his parents' home. There, he runs into an old acquaintance named Mac (Daniel Wilson), and a new adventure ensues: The duo sets out to complete a "Things to Do" list, a compendium of strange and unfinished business left over from adolescence. This comic indie charmer was an official selection at the Slamdance Film Festival.

Violette In 1930s Paris, seemingly innocent 14-year-old Violette Nozière (Isabelle Huppert) spends her nights seducing older men. When her current lover needs money, the troubled Violette plots to murder her dispassionate middle-class parents (Stéphane Audran and Jean Carmet) to help him out. This fact-based film marked the first collaboration between Huppert, who won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival, and acclaimed director Claude Chabrol.

Clatterford: Season 1 In Clatterford, a quaint village in the English countryside, members of the local women's guild meet to discuss all manner of topics -- from making jam to ending world poverty. This loopy Britcom comes courtesy of "Absolutely Fabulous" creators and stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. The hilarious series also stars Maggie Steed as the Women's Guild head, Dawn French as a cheese factory worker and Sally Phillips as a New Age devotee.

Graveyard Alive When homely nurse Patsy Powers (Anne Day-Jones) treats a handsome woodsman, he infects her with a virus that turns her into a ravishing zombie sex kitten. While adjusting to her strange cravings for flesh, Patsy uses her new sexuality to compete with archrival Goodie Tueschuze (Samantha Slan) and win back her old beau, Dr. Dox (Karl Gerhardt). Eric Kendric, Barbara Bacci and Edward Fuller co-star in this campy horror flick.

Summer of Fear Lucas Marshall (Gregory Harrison) and his family are headed for summer vacation when they're attacked. When "good Samaritan" Simon (Corin Nemec) comes to their aid, Lucas makes the fatal mistake of inviting him into their home. Soon, Simon begins to play psychological games with the family, and Lucas fears Simon may harbor a dark secret. This chilling nail-biter is based on the novel Simon Says by Gloria Murphy.

Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss Two CSA agents assassinate their mentors but remember nothing of the incident. Enter Cathy Davis (Lea Thompson), otherwise known as Jane Doe, to solve the mystery. When her search uncovers a government conspiracy involving mind control, Cathy must race against time to expose the truth before she becomes the next target. Joe Penny co-stars in this installment of the popular Jane Doe series, created by TV veteran Dean Hargrove ("Columbo").

Fungus the Bogeyman George White (Men Behaving Badly's Martin Clunes) and his suburban family are blissfully unaware that beneath their home lives a bogeyman named Fungus (Mak Wilson). Fungus is happy with his squalid underground life -- until the inevitable day when he crosses paths with the Whites. Based on Raymond Briggs's satirical children's book, this charming film features spectacular CGI effects that bring the quirky Fungus to life.

From Other Worlds Bored housewife Joanne's (Cara Buono) life changes radically when she encounters a UFO in her backyard. Joining a support group, she meets an African immigrant (Isaach De Bankolé) who's had a similar experience. As they look for answers, the two embark on a sleuthing adventure that leads to an art heist -- and a chance to save the world. Directed by Barry Strugatz, this quirky sci-fi satire co-stars David Lansbury and Robert Downey Sr.

The Stranger Beside Me Shy, withdrawn Jennifer (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) has finally found happiness with a new husband, Chris (Eric Close). After a series of rapes in the neighborhood, Chris is arrested for peeping, and Jennifer's friend (Alyson Hannigan) makes a shocking revelation. Jennifer begins to suspect that Chris is the rapist and fears she doesn't know the man she loves. Lorrie Morgan, Gerald McRaney and Patrick Labyorteaux co-star in this TV drama.

Yankee Buccaneer / Double Crossbones There's action on the high seas with these two classic pirate adventures. In Double Crossbones, Dave Crandall's (Donald O'Connor) honor is besmirched when his honesty is called into question, and he seeks refuge on a pirate ship. Yankee Buccaneer follows Navy Cmdr. David Porter (Jeff Chandler) on a mission to capture seafaring raiders. With his ship disguised as a pirate vessel, Porter uncovers an international plot.

Acts of Contrition Mark Harmon plays Johnathan Franye, a radio talk-show host who finds himself caught up in a murder in this made-for-TV thriller also starring Julianne Phillips, David Clennon and Ron Perlman. When a caller to Franye's radio show confesses to having killed a young woman (whose skeleton two teens have found on a beach), Franye feels compelled to help solve the case. But in the process, he's forced to confront his own demons.

The System Within In this direct-to-video urban drama, model and fashion entrepreneur Tony Good (Tariq Alexander) enjoys a lavish lifestyle that belies his impoverished upbringing. But envy, avarice and corruption conspire to send the magnate into a free fall that ultimately lands him behind bars, where he must fight a flawed legal system to salvage the life he worked so hard to build. Kevin Atchison and Hawthorne James also star.

Pastor Jones 2: Help Save My Daughter Teenager Noelle (Eurika Pratts) faces difficult choices as she deals with several confusing issues and clashes with her mother Marion's (Shamika Ann Franklin) live-in boyfriend. Desperate to curb Noelle's increasingly bad behavior, Marion turns to gifted cleric Pastor Jones (Jean Claude LaMarre) for help in resolving the crisis. Co-starring Kevin Linell and Selma Pinkard, this inspirational sequel to Pastor Jones was also directed by LaMarre.

638 Ways to Kill Castro British filmmaker Dollan Cannell uncovers the U.S. government's long list of plots -- 638 to be exact -- to assassinate Cuban president Fidel Castro in this thought-provoking documentary about communism and the Cold War. Some of the more ludicrous-sounding schemes involve the use of exploding cigars, leggy murderesses, poison-filled syringes posing as ballpoint pens and advice from James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

Against All Flags / Buccaneer's Girl This swashbuckling double bill kicks off with Against All Flags, in which British officer Brian Hawke (Errol Flynn) infiltrates the inner sanctum of the pirates of Madagascar and falls for a lovely lady corsair (Maureen O'Hara). In Buccaneer's Girl, Deborah McCoy (Yvonne de Carlo) is a showgirl who falls for suave aristocrat Frederic Baptiste (Philip Friend), only to learn that he's a pirate, albeit in the good-hearted Robin Hood tradition.

How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman In 16th century Brazil, while the French and Portuguese battle for possession of the territory, local Tupinamba Indians capture a Frenchman, believing him to be one of the Portuguese enemy. Despite his protests, the tribe prepares an elaborate ritual in which they plan to consume their hapless prisoner, hoping to appropriate their perceived foe's strength. Nelson Pereira dos Santos directs this oddly comic tale of culture clash and cannibalism.

The Cimarron Kid / The Man from the Alamo Betrayal pervades this adventure-filled double feature. Glenn Ford stars in The Man from the Alamo as a soldier branded a deserter when he seeks help during the siege of the famous fort. To redeem himself, he infiltrates a band of ruthless killers. In The Cimarron Kid, crooked officials falsely accuse a young man (Audie Murphy) of a train robbery. With nothing to lose, he joins a band of criminals -- until a woman tries to reform him.

The Texans / California Two Westerns examine a Union in transition. In The Texans, a former Confederate soldier (Randolph Scott) tries to get a fresh start in life as a rancher but is drawn into a plot to attack the Yankees. California follows Lily (Barbara Stanwyck) and Jonathan (Ray Milland), who join a wagon train to California during the gold rush. Lily becomes a wealthy saloonkeeper amid the political turmoil of the territory's impending statehood.

Arang Taking its name from a Korean folktale, this spooky thriller follows detectives So-young (Yun-ah Song) and Hyun-ki (Dong-Wook Lee) as they investigate a series of bizarre murders. Just released from suspension, So-young returns to find she's been handed a rookie partner and a puzzling case centered on a decade-old murder. Directed by Sang-hoon Ahn, this disturbing whodunit puts a unique spin on the serial killer genre.

Kansas Raiders / The Lawless Breed Two classic Westerns take a trip to the wrong side of the law. In Kansas Raiders, Jesse James (Audie Murphy) falls in with a band of outlaws but is repelled by the violence that comes with a life of crime. In The Lawless Breed, gunfighter John Wesley Hardin (Rock Hudson) tries to persuade his son not to follow in his bootprints. Being a rootin', tootin' desperado isn't all it's cracked up to be in this pair of cowboy films.

Blissfully Yours On a beautiful, sunlit afternoon in the jungle, Roong (Kanokporn Tongaram) enjoys a picnic with her lover, illegal immigrant Min (Min Oo). Nearby, Roong's friend Orn (Jenjira Jansuda) finds her own picnic interrupted by a thief, until she encounters Roong and Min. Erotically playful, this romantic slice of life was directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. The film won the Un Certain Regard Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Texas Rangers / Canyon Passage Love is in the air in this pair of Westerns. The Texas Rangers follows bandits on the run. Two (Fred MacMurray and Jack Oakie) hide out by joining the famous lawmen, hoping to use their inside knowledge to plan more heists, but they have a change of heart after one of them falls for a girl. Canyon Passage centers on a frontier love triangle: Logan (Dana Andrews) escorts his friend's fiancée to Oregon, and romance blossoms along the way.

Jason of Star Command A short-lived spinoff from "Space Academy," this sci-fi serial centers on Jason (Craig Littler), a soldier of fortune and an officer of Star Command -- a clandestine operation charged with protecting the academy from evil forces, which include the sinister Dragos and his army of loyal aliens. Packed with extra features such as interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and commentary tracks, this collection contains the entire series.

McLeod's Daughters: Season 2 Claire (Lisa Chappell) and Tess (Bridie Carter) continue to deal with ranch and relationship issues as they helm the all-female workforce at Drover's Run. This season, the women face everything from cattle thieves to pregnancy; Claire pursues her dream of breeding stock horses; and Tess moves back to the city, unsure where she belongs. Wildly popular in its native Australia, the series co-stars Rachael Carpani, Sonia Todd and Jessica Napier.

David and Lisa Oscar-nominated director Frank Perry tells the story of David (Keir Dullea), a disturbed young man who's afraid of being touched but finds intimacy with Lisa (Janet Margolin), a young woman suffering from schizophrenia. Lisa's dual personalities take the form of Muriel, a girl who communicates only through writing, and Lisa, who speaks teasingly in rhyme.

Don't Look for Me Wounded in the line of duty, contract killer Anna (Lea Mornar) has decided it's time to hang it up. Her boss is willing to let her retire, provided she fulfills one last job. But when Anna learns that her final target is someone close to her heart, she finds herself faced with an impossible decision. Directed by Tilman Zens, this stylish German thriller also stars Udo Schenk, Stipe Erceg, Jürgen Lehmann and Mark Zak.

Shinsengumi: Assassins of Honor One of Japan's most revered actors, Toshirô Mifune stars in this historical samurai epic. As the end of the 19th century nears, the balance of power shifts from the shogunate to the emperor. Isami Kondo (Mifune), a farmer turned warrior, leads the fierce Shinsengumi, a small rebel army composed of farmers and peasants. Isami and his men oppose the emperor and band together to wage a battle against the inevitable tide of change.

Cagney & Lacey: Season 1 NYPD cop duo Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey (Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly) changed the detective show forever in this gritty, realistic and poignant series, which ran from 1982 to 1988. This season finds the detectives tackling a host of challenging crimes, many touching upon pressing social issues of the time. The beloved series went on to earn 37 Emmy nominations during its historic run, winning 14.

The Jaguar A chance encounter between gambler François Perrin (Patrick Bruel), anthropologist Jean Campana (Jean Reno) and South American shaman Wanù (Harrison Lowe) leads to comic chaos in this French action adventure. In debt to the mob and eager to make tracks, Perrin agrees to join the two on a mystical mission to the Amazon jungle -- which proves infinitely more perilous than the goons on his trail. Danny Trejo and Patricia Velasquez also star.

The Waltons: Season 5 One of the most endearing -- and enduring -- television families, the Waltons are rich in love but struggle to make it through the Depression. In the fifth season of the popular series, Mary Ellen (Judy Norton-Taylor) prepares to wed, Erin (Mary Beth McDonough) elopes but gets cold feet, and John Boy's work as a reporter stirs up trouble. This marks Richard Thomas's final season playing John Boy.

In the Womb: Animals Take an amazing journey inside the womb with this incredible National Geographic production. Using the most advanced special effects available, this program tracks the development of elephants, dolphins and dogs from conception to birth and explains how a cluster of cells becomes a living, breathing animal. Ultrasound imagery and computer graphics are combined to create video clips of a remarkable and rarely seen process.

In the Womb: Multiples Enter the miraculous world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they grow in the womb. National Geographic's groundbreaking "4D" ultrasound images illuminate the stories of three women and their babies, from conception to birth. See how multiple fetuses interact with one another as they grow, as technology delves deeper into the mystery of human development.

Everybody Loves Raymond: Season 8 In the eighth season, newlyweds Robert and Amy (Brad Garrett and Monica Horan) adjust to married life amid the endlessly bickering world that is the Barone family. Ray and Debra try golfing together but only get teed off. And the Barones get to know Amy's family -- a sort of bizarro version of Ray's clan. The MacDougalls are played by the hilarious comic trio of Fred Willard, Georgia Engel and Chris Elliott.

Legend of the Dragon After tai chi master Dragon Ki (Sammo Hung Kam-Bo) leaves his family behind to study martial arts, his son Ki Fung (Xiaoming Huang) grows up to become a courier. But when the local karate champion starts bullying him after they both fall for the same woman, Fung seeks out his father to learn to defend himself. Directed by Johnny Lee, this high-octane actioner co-stars Timmy Hung, Carl Ng, Kar Yan Leung and Richard Ng.

Bangkok Girl This poignant documentary explores Thailand's thriving sex tourism industry by examining the life of 19-year-old bar girl Pla. Though she's worked in bars since the age of 13, Pla has -- amazingly -- avoided prostitution so far, but it's unlikely she'll be able to continue holding out. Filmmaker Jordan Clark provides a searing look at how the influx of foreigners has changed Thailand's economy and culture and ruined the lives of many young women.

Exploring the Deserts of the Earth Two filmmakers take on the nearly overwhelming task of exploring all the deserts of the world in this fascinating documentary. Setting off on motorbikes, they spend 900 days traversing the vast and often uninhabitable terrain. Covering the Gobi, Mojave, Altiplano, Sahara and many other deserts across five continents and 50 countries, they provide spectacular footage documenting both their adventures and the cultures they encounter.

Virgin Again Kali Mitchell (Alison Mills) stood by her husband, David (Dick Anthony Williams), through everything, even supporting him as he struggled to make it as an artist. Then he repaid her by cheating on her. Now, as 49-year-old Kali deals with the devastating truth, she finds herself falling into an affair of her own. Evangelist Francisco Newman makes his directorial debut with this story about walking the line between love and faith.

Young Aphrodites Against the backdrop of ancient Grecian ruins, two adolescents explore their budding sexuality through their passion for each other in this lush 1960s drama. Cast with Greek shepherds and peasants and inspired by the classic tale of Daphnis and Chloe, the film won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Nikos Koundouros directs, and Takis Emmanuel, Eleni Prokopiou, Vangelis Ioannidis and Kleopatra Rota star.

The Fearmakers Collection An in-depth look at the maestros of classic horror and suspense cinema, this collection of 10 documentaries profiles filmmakers Jack Arnold, Tod Browning, William Castle, Roger Corman, Terence Fisher, Tobe Hooper, Roman Polanski, Jacques Tourneur, Roland West and Robert Wise. The compilation features interviews with the directors, casts, crews, critics and those influenced by the moviemakers' hair-raising flicks.

Tai Chi for Life: Chen Style Master Guangzhi Xing leads you through Chen-style tai chi's fluid movements in this comprehensive instructional video that emphasizes the mind, body and spirit connection. The moves -- which combine balance, coordination and breathing techniques -- soothe the mind while strengthening the body. Xing demonstrates the Chen Style 38 and Broad Sword forms from front, side and rear angles and then breaks down the forms to teach the individual postures.

Dr. Michael Roizen: You on a Diet Health guru Dr. Michael Roizen provides a simple 25-step program for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. He demonstrates how cleaning out your refrigerator, walking regularly and measuring your waistline will help you reduce fat, develop a healthier lifestyle and create a trimmer physique. The co-author of You: The Owner's Manual with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Roizen has garnered international fame for his revolutionary anti-aging research.

Cadaverella Writer-director Timothy Friend's decidedly wicked version of the classic Cinderella tale substitutes horror for happily ever after. When her psycho beau (Ryan Seymour) snuffs beautiful Cinder (Megan Goddard), she returns from the grave (thanks to a voodoo curse) to wreak bloody havoc on her murderous Prince Charming and the evil stepfamily who made her life a nightmare. Kieran Hunter, Santiago Vasquez and Christopher Booth also star.

Summer of the Colt Directed by André Mélançon, this touching family drama stars Juan De Benedictis as Daniel, a teenager sent with his siblings to stay on his grandfather's Argentinean ranch for the summer. Struggling to find common ground with his grandfather, Daniel takes solace in his friendship with a mysterious colt. Beautifully shot, this delicate tale explores the relationships between family and friends -- and the challenges of growing up and growing old.

Son of the Swordsman A young man transporting a package on behalf of his father, a famed martial artist, is ambushed by a band of thieves determined to steal the valuable parcel. A mysterious, and formidable, woman comes to his aid, but when her identity is disclosed, it triggers a violent feud that won't end without bloodshed. Peter Yang Kwan and Cheung Ching Ching star in this kung fu action classic known for its exciting swordplay.

Knife Defense Fundamentals Learn how to protect yourself from a knife attack with this informative and comprehensive guide jam-packed with helpful -- and possibly lifesaving -- tips on defensive techniques. Topics include: seven action steps for successful knife defense; stance and footwork; evasion and distance control; deflection; grips; reversing the attacker's momentum; immobilizing the attacker; 23 sample practice attack and defense scenarios; and much more.

The Axing of the Coffin A smitten duke's scheme to abduct a general's winsome daughter is thwarted when a valiant warrior whisks her away after her father perishes in battle. When her savior later dies, the obsessed nobleman tries again to kidnap the young beauty and is foiled once more -- by a man who takes her as his bride. But her happiness is short-lived in this 1969 martial arts saga starring Ching Tang and Yau Tin.

Self: Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast The experts at Self magazine, along with renowned instructor Violet Zaki, bring viewers a cardiovascular program created to enhance your legs and hips. The exciting yet easy-to-follow workout burns fat and strengthens target areas. In as little as four weeks, you'll have sculpted your lower body, so break out the short shorts and get ready to show off your toned, sexy legs.

Cope When the Allen clan discovers that the other inhabitants of their small Alaskan town have disappeared, the family attempts to solve the mystery -- and to cope with their fears. The question is, what happened to the rest of the residents … and will the Allens be the next denizens to vanish? Robert Allen Wagner, Rachel Pinto, Dave Weinand and Krystal Sullivan star in this taut indie horror flick from director Ronald Jerry.

Self: Dance Your Way Slim Get in shape with energetic health and fitness professional Kimberly Spreen. From the experts at Self magazine comes a new and exciting cardiovascular workout designed to help you see quick results in just a month. Following Kimberly's easy instructions and choreographed moves, you'll dance, have fun and build endurance while burning fat, ultimately achieving a slimmer body and healthier heart.

NASCAR Unauthorized Strap yourself into the driver's seat and get ready for a wild ride with this up-close and inside look at the hugely popular sport of NASCAR racing. Packed with high-octane race footage -- along with insights from drivers and stock car experts -- this thrilling documentary provides a fascinating glimpse into the sport that experienced a meteoric rise from a small-town North Carolina pastime to a multibillion-dollar industry.

Spring in a Small Town A once-prosperous family struggling to get by in post-World War II China is thrown into turmoil by the unexpected arrival of an old friend. Zhou Yuwen (Wei Wei) and her husband, Dai Liyan (Yu Shi), have a loveless marriage, and she finds herself tempted by Zhang Zhichen (Wei Li), a doctor from the city and an old flame. This 1948 production was once censored by the Chinese government but is now available in its original, uncut version.

The Tower The Tower of London has stood for more than 900 years. A structure of magnificent architectural splendor, it has also served as one of the world's most notorious prisons. Explore this remarkable fortress and discover its secrets, including executions of the royal, the wealthy -- and even the innocent. Reenactments, interviews and digital animation bring the nearly millennium-long history of the Tower dazzlingly to life.

A Leap of Faith Rick Chilton (Jeremy London) is at a crossroads in his career as a juvenile delinquent and faces a choice: He can pay for his crimes in a detention center or perform mandatory community service at a camp for sightless children. Rick chooses the "easy" option -- which turns out to be harder than he ever imagined when he sets out to help an embittered, newly blind ex-gymnast (Gina Philips). Adam Wylie also stars in this family-friendly drama.

Ultimate Combat Experience: No Holds Barred Fighting Get ready for the ultimate face-off in 12 of the rawest, most bone-crunching battles you've ever seen. Ultimate Combat Experience mixes kickboxing with anything-goes, street-style fighting that's definitely not for wimps. No matter how strong the contestants, none of these matches goes past the second round. This compilation is hosted by UCE founder and martial arts master Mike Stidham.

Song at Midnight In this Chinese version of The Phantom of the Opera, the mysterious Song Danping terrorizes the newly rebuilt opera house and its young star. After falling in love with the daughter of a wealthy lord, Song was beaten, scarred with acid and left to die years ago in the burning wreckage of the old opera house. Now, he's looking for someone to star in his own private production. Director Weibang Ma-Xu's macabre drama from 1937 stars Menghe Gu.

Florida Gators: Back to Back National Champions: 2006-2007 After their 2006 triumph, the '07 Florida Gators had only one mission: Do it again. It was a tough road, but through unprecedented teamwork, the Gators fought their way to the top for a second year in a row. Follow the incredible story of Florida's back-to-back victories with the season's best moments. The school accomplished something no other school in the NCAA had ever done: It held national football and basketball titles in the same year.

Crossroads / Daybreak Screwball comedy meets political commentary when a young journalist falls for an attractive Shanghai factory worker in the acclaimed Chinese classic Crossroads. Then, in Daybreak, an innocent woman from a fishing village falls victim to the seedy underbelly of Shanghai while searching for her cousin. Directed by Xiling Shen, Crossroads stars Dan Zhao and Yang Bai; Li-li Li and Zhanfei Gao star in Daybreak, directed by Yu Sun.

Cat Girl Kiki Nothing much ever happens to shy Yoshiro, until one day when he brings home a stray kitten. The next morning, Yoshiro awakens to discover that the kitten has become a beautiful woman named Kiki. She may be the girl of Yoshiro's dreams, but how will he deal with her nasty habit of scratching the furniture? This nerd-meets-girl comedy is the second film in the Akihabara Trilogy, following The Legend of the Doll and preceding Pretty Maid Café.

Complete Kickboxing: Vol. 1 Learn the ins and outs of kickboxing with this informative program led by professional kickboxers Martina Sprague and Keith Livingston, who take viewers through the essential punches, key kicks and most important blocks. Drawing on their many years of experience, the two offer tips, insight and inspiration as they provide easy-to-follow demonstrations. A strength training workout, a stance and movement clinic and a fighter's warm-up are included.

Street Angel / Twin Sisters This double bill features a pair of classics from 1930s Chinese cinema. Street Angel follows two sisters (Huishen Zhao and Xuan Zhou) who flee occupied Manchuria for Shanghai, where they're forced into servitude: one as a hooker and the other as a cathouse chanteuse. In Twin Sisters, siblings Da and Er (Die Hu, in a dual role) -- separated as infants -- are unknowingly reunited when the impoverished Da becomes a servant in her twin's household.

The Big Road / Queen of Sports Two silent film classics helmed by Yu Sun, considered one of the finest directors in the history of Chinese cinema, comprise this double feature. In The Big Road, six young men working to build a highway strategic to China's military find their efforts sabotaged by a traitor in their midst. And in Queen of Sport, a gifted female athlete journeys to Shanghai, where she discovers the glory of competition -- and love.

Swamp Zombies When the federal government takes over his hospital, Dr. Phillips (Shannon Solo) is forced to abandon his radical experiment to resurrect the dead and hastily dispose of his test subjects. Problem is, his experiment works, and soon, his "subjects" rise from the dead to wreak havoc on the nearby swamplands. Director Len Kabasinski's action-packed thriller also stars Jasmin St. Claire, Brian Heffron and Pamela Sutch.

Women's Extreme Wrestling: Vols. 13-16 The sexy stars of Women's Extreme Wrestling return for more busty mayhem in this collection of the best matches from four events. G.I. Ho, Dina Marie, Jazz, Rebecca Wild and "The Busty" Bombshell Tara take each other to the mat in a series of hard-fighting bouts guaranteed to make you sweat. Included are matches from "Evolution of the Erotic Extreme," "Hardcore Booty Battle," "On the Stroll to Destruction" and "Cleavage and Carnage."

Backslash A stalker is killing the stars of a student's slasher film -- the same girls featured on the student's "Hottest Girls on Campus" Web site. Freshmen Martha (Gretchen Akers) and Amie (Laura Bruner) become the psycho's next targets as they're unknowingly put at the center of a twisted online reality show. But the killer's not expecting the duo to turn the tables and fight back. Writer-director Kevin Campbell co-stars as the mysterious slasher.

Aviation Library: Combat Zone This spectacular collection of authentic aviation footage features a wealth of clips capturing aircraft pushed to the very edge. From death-defying air rescue missions to unbelievable aerial battles and stunning in-flight maneuvers, this compilation is sure to impress any aviation fan. Witness a vicious dogfight involving F-86 Sabres; an AH-1 Cobra helicopter rescue of an American platoon; and a celebration of prop planes from World War II.

White Slave Collection Three exploitation classics explore the seamy world of white slavery. Naked Amazon is a pseudo-documentary look at the savagery of the Brazilian jungle. In White Slave, Catherine (Elvire Audray) plots revenge against her captors, cannibals who beheaded her parents. Sacrifice of the White Goddess rounds out the trio. It follows a lovely archaeology student who enters the jungle to study the Mayan culture and nearly ends up as their next sacrifice.

Slaughter: Live at the Hard Rock Cafe Slaughter thrashes out a blistering set list of hair-metal tracks in this career-spanning concert filmed at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Café in 1997. Songs include "Fly to the Angels," "Up All Night (Sleep All Day)," "The Wild Life," "Days Gone By," "Hold On," "Old Man," "Shake This Place" and "Broken Hearts." Among the extras is a music video for "Shout It Out," released as part of the soundtrack for Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

Wagner: Die Walkure Richard Wagner's Ring epic continues with this second opera, in which Wotan (Falk Struckmann) sends his warrior daughter Brünnhilde and her valkyries to intervene in the romance between two mortals. This 2003 production was staged at Barcelona's Gran Teatre del Liceu by director Harry Kupfer. Bertrand de Billy conducts the Lioba Braun Symphony Orchestra, and Eric Halfvarson, Linda Watson and Deborah Polaski co-star.

Natalie MacMaster & Friends Join Celtic fiddler Natalie MacMaster and some of her musical friends for an exuberant 2006 concert filmed live at the Celtic Colours 10th Anniversary Festival on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton. Known for her singular talent and colorful onstage personality, MacMaster leads an eclectic group of musicians. Other performers include her fiddler husband, Donnell Leahy, singer Hayley Westenra, Spanish piper Carlos Nunez and banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck.

Thelonious Monk: Live in '66 Pianist and jazz icon Thelonious Monk -- along with tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse, drummer Ben Riley and bassist Larry Gales -- delivers his classic compositions "Round Midnight," "Epistrophy" and "Blue Monk" in this concert video that captures his musical genius. Recorded only days apart in Norway and Denmark, these studio performances also include the songs "Lulu's Back in Town" and "Don't Blame Me."

Wagner: Das Rheingold The first opera in Richard Wagner's epic Ring Cycle tells of Wotan (John Brocheler) and Loge (Chris Merritt), two gods on a quest to steal a magical ring that will free the beautiful Freia, goddess of love. This 1999 production was staged at Amsterdam's Het Muziektheater by director Pierre Audi. Hartmut Haenchen conducts the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, and Academy Award-winning designer Eiko Ishioka created the costumes.

A Musical Journey: Paris: A Musical Tour of Paris, Chantilly, Versailles & Chartes Take a musical tour of Paris and the surrounding areas of Chantilly, Versailles and Chartes with this program that sets some of the region's most inspiring and historic sights to a superb symphony. Highlights include a look at both historical and contemporary attractions. Debussy's "En Bateau," Verdi's Prelude from "La Traviata," Bizet's "Impromptu" from "Jeux d'Enfants" and works from Mozart, Puccini and others provide the musical accompaniment.

Dizzy Gillespie: Live in '58 & '70 These two vintage European concerts showcase the talents of jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie. Gillespie performs with a quintet -- including saxophonist Sonny Stitt and bassist Ray Brown -- in a 1958 Belgian show, then leads the renowned 16-piece Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band in a 1970 performance from Denmark. Songs from the second show include several Latin-influenced numbers, such as "Con Alma" and "Manteca."

A Musical Journey: Prague: A Musical Tour of the City's Past and Present Take a musical tour of Prague with this program that sets some of the city's most interesting sights to a superb symphony. Highlights include an exploration of the Czech Republic capital's awe-inspiring architecture and a look at its past through historic images. Mozart's Allegro from Symphony no. 38 in D Major, K. 504 ("Prague"), Dvorák's Overture from "Armida" and works from Smetana, Janácek and others provide the musical accompaniment.

Janis Saffell: Dynamic Stretch Get a complete full-body workout with this comprehensive series of stretches. The program begins with a sequence of standing yoga positions that warms up the muscles, then continues with seated exercises to deepen the stretches. Finally, Pilates-style floor work completes the routine. Led by renowned fitness expert Janis Saffell, known for her innovative and effective workouts, the program is geared toward intermediate-level exercisers.

A Musical Journey: Venice: A Musical Tour of the City's Past and Present Take a musical tour of Venice with this program that sets some of the city's most inspiring sights to a superb symphony. Highlights include a look at Venice's unique waterways and canals, along with many of its historic buildings and magnificent churches. Vivaldi's Trio Sonata ("La Follia"), Corelli's Adagio from Concerto Grosso, op. 6, no. 12, and works from Scarlatti, Pugnani, Torelli and others provide the musical accompaniment.

Handel: Giulio Cesare Handel's operatic portrait of Giulio Cesare (Sarah Connolly) and Cleopatra (Danielle de Niese) is brought magnificently to life by David McVicar's staging at the 2005 Glyndebourne Festival. With the period reset to pre-World War I Europe, this production combines exotic visuals with Bollywood-style spectacle. William Christie conducts the Glyndebourne Chorus and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.

Janis Saffell: Beverly Hills Pilates Get fit fast with this energetic Pilates program led by renowned fitness instructor Janis Saffell. Saffell guides viewers through a series of exercises, focusing first on the abdominal core, then moving on to work the upper and lower body for a complete workout. Concentrating on proper alignment to reduce potential injuries, this easy-to-follow routine increases strength and flexibility, sculpts muscles and enhances graceful movement.

Puccini: Madama Butterfly Robert Wilson strips bare Puccini's masterpiece "Madama Butterfly" in this 2003 production from the Muziektheater in Amsterdam. With an emphasis on minimalism, Wilson's rendition brings to the forefront the music and performers, including Cheryl Barker in the title role and Martin Thompson as Pinkerton. Catherine Keen and Richard Stilwell also star. Edo de Waart conducts the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.

Janis Saffell: Tai Chi Get fit fast with these two complementary workouts that will help you trim down and tone up. Start with a fat-blasting, muscle-toning aerobic routine featuring high-energy kickboxing moves, then perform slow and fast tai chi exercises designed to increase endurance and improve flexibility. Renowned fitness instructors Janis Saffell and Scott Cole lead you through the routines, providing tips and inspiration along the way.

A Musical Journey: London: A Musical Tour of London and Oxford Take a musical tour of London with this program that sets some of the city's most inspiring and historic sights to a superb symphony. Highlights include Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral and Trafalgar Square. Haydn's Minuet from Symphony no. 104 ("London"), Beethoven's "Wellington's Victory," Verdi's "Chorus of Scottish Exiles" and works by Handel, Mendelssohn and others provide the musical accompaniment.

Earle Brown: Tracer This program showcases experimental American composer Earle Brown with a mesmerizing collection of his works performed by a variety of ensembles conducted by Christian Wolff. Pieces include "Octet," "String Quartet," "Tracer," "For Neil," "December 1952" and more. Focusing on connections between visual and musical forms, Brown belonged to a group of composers who were active in the 1950s known as the New York School.

Janis Saffell: South Beach Slam Get fit with flair when you work out with these two energetic aerobic programs. First, a vigorous step routine offers plenty of moves that alternate on and off the step. Then, a creative high-low aerobic workout blends dynamic action with sassy style. Renowned fitness expert Janis Saffell, known for her innovative and effective routines, leads the programs, which can be performed together or separately to fit your schedule and energy level.

Janis Saffell: Kickbox Strike Zone Get an energetic workout while having a blast with this fun, calorie-burning routine. With its fast-paced use of traditional upper- and lower-body kickboxing combinations, the program increases speed, balance and hand-eye coordination while providing a dynamic series of exercises. Led by renowned fitness expert Janis Saffell, known for her innovative routines, the program is geared toward those with some previous kickboxing experience.

Janis Saffell: Beverly Hills Yoga Renowned fitness instructor Janis Saffell leads viewers through an energetic yoga workout that focuses on the physical benefits of the ancient practice. This routine, based on the vinyasa flow style of yoga, helps improve strength, balance and flexibility. Set against a gorgeous garden backdrop, the program includes a warm-up, numerous sun salutation poses, a series of one-legged balance positions and a cooldown of relaxing floor exercises.

Quincy Jones: Live in '60 Shot in Switzerland and Belgium in 1960, this immaculately recorded big band concert shows composer-arranger Quincy Jones at the peak of his powers on 17 songs with an 18-piece orchestra including Clark Terry, Phil Woods, Sahib Shihab, Budd Johnson and Benny Bailey. Tracks include "I Remember Clifford," "Walkin'," "Moanin'," "Lester Leaps In," "The Gypsy," "Tickle Toe," "Birth of a Band," "Everybody's Blues" and more.

Ella Fitzgerald: Live in '57 & '63 These two European performances showcase the extraordinary talents of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. A 1957 Belgian show -- her earliest known complete concert captured on film -- features jazz greats Ray Brown, Herb Ellis, Jo Jones and Oscar Peterson joining Fitzgerald on numerous classics, including "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)." Then, Fitzgerald sings with a quartet in an intimate studio performance from Sweden.

Janis Saffell: Brand New Butt & More Firm your fanny with this dynamic routine that focuses on not only toning your rear but creating sleek arms and legs and sculpting the muscles of the entire body. This energetic workout provides a fast-paced and fun hour of intensive exercises, which can be made more challenging by adding ankle weights and dumbbells. Renowned fitness expert Janis Saffell, known for her innovative and effective routines, leads the rigorous program.

A Musical Journey: Rome: A Musical Tour of the City's Past and Present Take a musical tour of Rome with this program that sets some of the city's most inspiring and historic sights to a superb symphony. Highlights include the Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum, Hadrian's Villa, the Appian Way, St. Peter's Square and the Roman Forum. Works from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, Louis Hector Berlioz, Ludwig van Beethoven, Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini and others provide the musical accompaniment.

Maria Callas: Living and Dying for Art and Love Explore the life and work of Maria Callas, arguably one of the world's most celebrated opera singers. Through rare performance footage and interviews with admirers and contemporaries, this documentary shines a light on a side of Callas that was unknown during her lifetime. From her volatile relationship with Aristotle Onassis to her swan song performance in "Tosca," see Callas as you've never seen her before in this intimate portrait.

Baden Powell: Self Portrait Internationally renowned Brazilian musician Baden Powell performs live in front of an appreciative audience in this 1990 performance. A mainstay of the bossa nova movement, Powell blends classical and popular styles to create his unique soulful sound. Songs include "Voltei," "Revendo o Passado," "Naquele Tempo," "Palhaco," "Rapaz de Bem," "Samba Triste," "Alem do Amor/Deixa," "Tem Do," "O Astronauta," "Samba em Preludio" and more.

Spooky Tooth: Nomad Poets: Live in Germany 2004 British progressive rockers Spooky Tooth pay tribute to their late bassist, Greg Ridley, in this 2004 memorial concert. This heartfelt performance showcases the instrumental combinations that made the band a favorite in their late 1960s and early '70s heyday. Highlights from the concert include "Waitin' for the Wind," "Better by You, Better Than Me" and "Evil Woman."

Janis Saffell: Kick-It Get your martial arts groove on while shaping up with these two fun and energetic routines. The first program incorporates kickboxing moves in a dynamic aerobic workout. The second simulates sparring and ringside drills, which can be performed alone or with a partner. Led by renowned fitness expert Janis Saffell, known for her innovative and effective routines, the programs are geared toward those with some previous kickboxing experience.

Chet Baker: Live in '64 & '79 Two European concerts filmed 15 years apart showcase legendary trumpeter Chet Baker. The 1964 performance took place in a Belgian television studio, and the 1979 show was recorded in Norway. Other featured musicians are saxophonist Jacques Pelzer, French pianist Rene Urtreger and vibraphonist Wolfgang Lackerschmid. Songs include the Miles Davis classic "So What," the jazz standard "Time After Time," "Blue Train" and many others.

Shostakovich: Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk Eva-Maria Westbroek stars as Katerina in this production of Dmitry Shostakovich's opera about lust, power and murder. Inspired by Russian author Nikolai Leskov's story, the opera depicts the position of women in the 19th century and one woman's violent solution to the restraints society places on her. Martin Kusej and Nikolaus Lehnhoff direct, and Mariss Jansons conducts the Chorus of De Nederlandse Opera and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Count Basie: Live in '62 Big band icon Count Basie leads his 18-piece orchestra in this recently discovered hourlong 1962 show from Sweden. The explosion of musical talent includes clarinetist and saxophonist Marshal Royal; rhythm guitarist Freddie Green; trombonist Quentin "Butter" Jackson; flutist and saxophonist Frank Wess; and extraordinary drummer Sonny Payne. Songs include "Corner Pocket," "Old Man River," "One O'Clock Jump" and many more.

The Best of Jazz on TDK '07 Perfect for jazz aficionados, this jam-packed compilation from TDK's vast catalog of recordings features genre masters such as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Stan Getz and Oscar Peterson. Selections include "Along Came Betty" by Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers; the classic "Summertime," by the Modern Jazz Quartet; "Cool Vibes," by Lionel Hampton & the Golden Men of Jazz; and "Homecoming" by the Dave Holland Quintet.

Balanchine: Jewels: Joyaux Legendary choreographer George Balanchine's 1967 ballet "Jewels" is performed at his beloved Paris Opera for the first time in this 2000 production. An abstract valentine to the world's ballet capitals, the work features three segments: "Emeralds" (Fauré), "Rubies" (Stravinsky) and "Diamonds" (Tchaikovsky). Lush production design by famed designer Christian Lacroix highlights this one-of-a-kind dance masterpiece.

The Turn of the Screw In a British manor house, a governess (Lisa Milne) caring for two young children is tormented by the home's dark secret. Do the former servant Miss Jessel (Catrin Wyn Davies) and her lover, Quint (Mark Padmore), communicate with the children from beyond the grave? Composer Benjamin Britten transforms Henry James's ghost story into a powerful opera, with a libretto by Myfanwy Piper. Richard Hickox conducts the City of London Sinfonia.

A Musical Journey: Vienna: A Musical Tour of the City's Past and Present Take a musical tour of Vienna with this program that sets some of the city's most inspiring sights to a superb symphony. Highlights include a look at both historical and contemporary attractions of Austria's capital. Beethoven's Overture from Fidelio, Mozart's March in D Major, K. 249, Schubert's Impromptu in G-flat Major, D. 899, op. 90, no. 3, and other works from these three renowned composers provide the musical accompaniment.

Glenn Gould: Hereafter Renowned Canadian classical pianist Glenn Gould made a name for himself with his extraordinary talent, unique style and offbeat persona. Directed by Gould's friend Bruno Monsaingeon, this documentary examines the life and work of the remarkable musician. With archival interview and performance footage, much of the story is told in Gould's own words, creating an intimate look into his genius and eccentric personality.

Horace Silver Quintet Renowned composer and pianist Horace Silver and his quintet give a stellar performance in this concert filmed live at the 1976 Umbria Jazz Festival. Displaying his expressive improvisational style, Silver is backed by saxophonist Bob Berg, trumpeter Tom Harrell, bassist Steve Beskrone and Eddie Gladden on percussion. Songs are "Adjustment," "Barbara," "In Pursuit of the 27th Man" and "Song for My Father."

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messangers: Live in '58 Celebrated drummer Art Blakey is joined by pianist Bobby Timmons, tenor saxophonist Benny Golson, bassist Jymie Merritt and trumpeter Lee Morgan for this 1958 concert in Belgium. Many consider the Jazz Messengers -- a group of powerhouse musicians who were together for only six months -- to be Blakey's most important ensemble. Songs include "I Remember Clifford," "Whisper Not," "Moanin'," "A Night in Tunisia" and more.

Buddy Rich: Live in '78 Legendary big band drummer Buddy Rich performs with his Killer Force ensemble -- featuring saxophonists Steve Marcus and Gary Pribeck, trumpeter Mike McGovern and trombonists Glenn Franke and Dale Kirkland -- in this outstanding 1978 concert filmed live in Holland. Songs include "Ya Gotta Try," "Best Coast," "'Round Midnight," "Birdland," "Channel One Suite," "Grand Concourse," "Big Swing Face" and more.

Rainbow: Up Close and Personal Though they cranked out some of hard rock's greatest music, the story of the band Rainbow isn't always a pot of gold. This documentary features in-depth interviews with lead vocalists Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner and Dougie White, bass player Bob Daisley and drummer Bobby Rondinelli. Featured tracks include "Man on the Silver Mountain," "Since You Been Gone," "All Night Long," "Hall of the Mountain King," "Catch the Rainbow" and many others.

Dead Man's Girl When small-town newspaper journalist Kevin learns of his predecessor's horrific death, he's surprised to find the cops aren't investigating the murder. Helped by the dead man's attractive girlfriend, Kevin starts digging for information -- and soon finds himself caught up in a world he never imagined. Henry Herbert directs this violent thriller in the tradition of Quentin Tarantino actioners; Gerard Rooney and Maria Lennon star.

Thin Lizzy: Up Close and Personal Founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 1969, Thin Lizzy took the world by storm with their folk-tinged rock, double lead guitar format and smart lyrics. Find out how their legacy began in this insightful program that features interviews with the band's former members and those who helped launch their careers. Songs include "Wild One," "Long Lizzy Sting," "Whiskey in the Jar," "Dancing in the Moonlight" and their biggest hit, "The Boys Are Back in Town."


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